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Ms Waskin and The Radio Christmas episode
December 24, 2016 11:29 AM PST
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Youngstown Ohio's Courtney Waskin, Mila,& Roger Lewis from The Radio and Hoss & the Juggernauts, listen to clips from "All Is Bright." Also THE VINDYS "Christmas(baby please come home), Elvis,song-clips from Daytrotter Best-Of-2016 list: Angela Perly & The Howlin' Moons, and Anna Vogelzang. More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

The Superbabes Talk and Rock Interview
December 19, 2016 06:11 PM PST
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Youngstown's THE SUPERBABES talk about YOhio, Pabstolutely, Revive Fest and their sound. Songs by LIQUID BRICK, Yoko & the Oh No's, When Particles Collide, and Olympic Village. Bridgette and Ann talk about how they will destroy the Empire and they play 3 songs live in-studio: "Ready" was recorded in the Jimmyfro make-shift studio, and the latter two "One and Done" and "Crushing Hard" at Mindrocket Studio.

Sponsored by Nursery Podcast and The Lime Tree Cafe http://www.jimmyfro.com

CHRASH Mindrocket Session and Interview
November 28, 2016 02:32 PM PST
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CHRASH from Rock Island IL, stops in at Mindrocket Studio between PA and Ohio and drops a live session. They also answer a few questionable questions and get real about vinyl. http://www.jimmyfro.com Sessions engineered by Josh Roman
Sponsored by Mindrocket Studio / W. Middlesex PA Check out their Mindrocket video sessions at YouTube/Jimmyfroshow

Coup De Grace interview and music feature
November 09, 2016 08:24 PM PST
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Spooky music Chit Chat Stomp boxes, vinyl, Lars Ulrich, Lucero, and unplugged performance by Akron Ohio's Coup De Grace. More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Joshua Powell and The Great Train Robbery
October 30, 2016 09:02 AM PDT
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A great conversation with Joshua & Adam from Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery.

"The Great Train Robbery was born in Anderson, IN in 2011. After years on the road, Powell refocused his energy into the Midwest. Here, he funneled his experiences into his most ambitious record yet, Alyosha: a psychedelically-tinged electric folk trip. Evoking comparisons to Sufjan Stevens and Neil Young, t's been described it as “lushly-composed chamber folk…revival-in-the-river folk mysticism." Listen to more at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Chris Bernat from C H R A S H
October 10, 2016 06:49 PM PDT
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Chris Bernat from C H R A S H interview and music feature. Our Ohio mini-tour show preview featuring song clips from "Things My Friends Say" and a song by Third Class "All My Words" from "Hymns from Some Small Town." http://www.jimmyfro.com

Josh Roman rewind CHRASH and new KoRn song
October 02, 2016 04:23 PM PDT
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We review an older interview taped in 2013 with guitarist and engineer Josh Roman. Songs from Chrash, Emily Rodgers, The Heretics, Asleep and the new KoRn song featuring Corey Taylor. Some episodes are worth repeating. http://www.Jimmyfro.com

CHROME MOSES and the Pittsburgh music scene
September 22, 2016 05:08 PM PDT
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Before their show at Suzies Dogs and Drafts in Youngstown Ohio, the guys from Pittsburgh's CHROME MOSES chatted with me and we listened to clips from their EP. More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Baroque Monody interview and album feature
August 16, 2016 05:58 PM PDT
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We preview "Aphrodite Laughs" the 2nd installment in the Emperor / Empress record series. Also includes tracks from Cocteau Twins, Michael Sweet, Russian Circles, and True Widow.
More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

What I didn't know about Mark Kano and Athenaeum
July 31, 2016 11:56 AM PDT
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Best Ofs
Interview with once Atlantic Records recording artist Mark Kano from ATHENAEUM (recorded in 2013 / audio only)

In the summer of 1998 I pulled into my driveway listening to 107.9 THE END. I heard a song come on the radio that somehow at first listen reminded me of a souped up hypothetical rendition of a modern Tommy Tutone song. It felt 80’s-ish but then I hear this vocal enter, and it’s this deep resonant voice with serious character; almost like a Crash Test Dummie Lite vocal quality. Once the pre-chorus of their break through song “What I Didn’t Know” began, I was instantly hooked. My band Full Circle actually covered the song and had great response playing it out. After several personnel changes, Mark and Nick Brown recorded an eight song EP in 1995 with bassist Alex McKinney and lead guitarist Grey Brewster. The “Green Album,” as it is widely known, sold about 10,000 copies. The album was self-released and also distributed by Redeye Distribution. In 1996 Athenaeum signed a deal with EMI Publishing, Atlantic Records, and released the album “Radiance.” Whereas most rock songs have a blues or major scale tonality, “Radiance” while accessible, had many songs with suspenseful progressions made up of minor chords with interesting moments of charismatic dissonance offset by catchy emotive vocal melodies. The over-all album sound, I have to say is pretty.. but dense with tasteful guitar over-lays that for me, served as sort of a soundtrack for sunlight. The album ended up being my favorite CD of that summer and to this day in my desert island top 20 album pantheon. One of the many great moments in the interview is when Mark paints the picture of the setting when the band got word that they were getting a record deal.
More on Radiance HERE.

Athenaeum went through a few line-up changes and picked up guitarist/singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan, who’s band COLLAPSIS was signed by Universal Records. Mark talked about a few challenges and monkey-wrench events that ultimately played a significant part in weighing down the success of their second full release LP “Athenaeum” self titled.
Mark released a solo album “Walking on Broadway” in 2009 and still plays acoustic shows occasionally with Mike Garrigan.

“Be humble and open to co-writing with tons of other people, because at the end of the day.. ..we were always so protective of our art, we had plenty of opportunities to write with other people but didn’t, and in hindsight I think that ended up being a mistake.” -Mark Kano

After listening to the interview several times going through the post-editing process, I concluded that this interview among all the podcast interviews I’ve done, contains the most useful information and wise advice coming from a humble guy. Mark, just as he is a lyrical word-smith, he also spoke cautiously about offering advice to artists; noting that he can only reflect and speak to his own particular circumstances. I found him to be incredibly grounded, well adjusted, and grateful to have recorded and performed on such a big stage at a relatively high level.

I’d like to thank Shane Oneil for supporting and financing the Athenaeum show in 2004. Without his trust in me and being a fan of the band, I wouldn’t have established the contact with Mark, nor would I have met Mike Garrigan who has helped me tremendously in my own musical endeavors.

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