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Ep 124 Downlows LP Preview and 2017 interview
October 30, 2017 01:48 PM PDT
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Downlows LP Preview – Listen to clips from “New Fun Places” and also
“Run My Mouth” by Spirit of the Bear,
“Don’t Miss Me Now” by John Sailor,
“None At All” –Sleep Projections,
“Self Assured” from the Song In A Day sessions featuring Steve Pownell, Sandi Quotson, and J Martin, and
“I Like It” by Tim Fite.
Comedy clip from Shane Mauss taken from the album “My Big Break.”

More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Ep 123 Dennis Drummond - Unplugged with Frank Castellano 2014
October 19, 2017 09:20 PM PDT
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Dennis Drummond and Frank Castellano, two giants among NE Ohio musicians, talk about their origins and do a few songs live including Jimi Hendrix's "The Wind Cries Mary." While the music performances in this episode are crisp; this was recorded in the early years of the podcast when the production quality was super low. Our apologies.

More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Ep 122 Cody Allen Woodley unplugged and interview
October 09, 2017 02:36 PM PDT
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Cody returns to the podcast to play new songs live and talk about his 2 big cancer scares.

We also listen to "Feet" our first Mindrocket Project session which was recorded live at Mindrocket Studio back in 2012.
Also features "The Friend" from The Bardobees

More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Ep 121 John Sailor Unfiltered and Unplugged
October 03, 2017 02:28 PM PDT
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John Sailor from Youngstown Ohio talks about the making of his "Simple Minded Dreams" LP; featuring a diverse mix of guitar driven Americana-esque smooth white-boy slow jams. We listen to those studio recordings and he does a few live, in addition to "I Don't Know You" by Caterpillar Head and "We Don't Really Care" from the Song In A Day session featuring Cody Woodley.
(Both songs recorded at Mindrocket Studio by Josh Roman)

Stand-up clip from Shane Mauss / more at www.ShaneMauss.com

Full interviews at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Ep 120 Zach from The Bardobees
September 25, 2017 05:38 PM PDT
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Also features the new Spirit of The Bear song "Run My Mouth" and Liv Carrow doing "Swimmer live at Mindrocket." Zach from The Bardobees and Sara talk about Pulp Fiction, Bandcamp, The Van Allen Belt, and living and touring on the road. In addition to Bardobees tracks, Zach does a few songs live, we listen to the new Spirit of The Bear song "Run My Mouth" and Liv Carrow doing her song "Swimmer" live at Mindrocket.

More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Ep 119 Cassie Bishop Rattlesnake Museum and SuperMoon
September 18, 2017 03:01 PM PDT
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Cassie Bishop performs 4 songs and plays for us clips from her other projects based out of NE Ohio: "30 Days" from RATTLESNAKE MUSEUM, and "Summertime" from SuperMoon. Also features a clip from Frente.

More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Ep 118 Dinner With Angela Perley and The Howlin Moons
September 06, 2017 01:20 PM PDT
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Angela Perley and Chris Connor from the Howlin Moons sit down with Jimmy at Donna's Diner in Sharon PA and talk about music, touring, big kick-drums, performance based video sessions, daytrotter, and White Castle.
Listen to short song clips and also hear a song at the end by The Building.

Buy music by Angela Perley and The Howlin' Moons here:

Full interviews at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Ep 117 The Mindrocket Project mixtape Vol 1
August 28, 2017 05:22 PM PDT
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Features high quality live session performances from The Maness Brothers, Wanderer, Army Of Infants, Knife Fighters, Liv Carrow, Tooth Lures A Fang, Chrash, and Crosss. John K from the BLASPHEMY IN THE BLUEGRASS Podcast answers a Questionable Question.
Sponsored by The Lime Tree Sandwich Gallery and Mindrocket Studio

More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Ep 116 Katianne Timko RewindReplay (Pre-K808)
August 21, 2017 05:04 PM PDT
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Recorded in 2012
Interview and music showcase. Artist Katianne Timko

It was very enjoyable to get to know the person behind the music of Katianne Timko. Much like her music she is a very grounded, warm, and poised person. We covered a lot of ground in the interview and I especially liked the question and answer about her alleged “abstract” lyrics. We also covered the importance of good sound, promotion, and allowing fans of her music to arrive at their own take on her songs and the inspiration behind her lyrics. Katianne performs an unreleased song “Black Magic.” Please check out her new artist name K808 to see when and where she’s performing next and read my review of her first EP below. Check back here another day and watch her video performance of her new song “Black Magic.”

Buy Katianne Timko music and K808 Music at Itunes or Bandcamp
Official Website KatianneTimko.com

Khaled Tabbara
Sandra Maria
The Zou
Robbie Jay Band
Angie DeNicholas
Pete Drivere & Ampreorn Recorder Studio
Shiloh Hawkins
Courtney Waskin
Mike Garrigan interview

Katianne Timko – “What I Wanted” EP
Buy Katianne Timko music at Bandcamp

Imagine a quirky coffee shop but instead of small tables and soft furniture, imagine a campfire smack dab in the middle. Katianne Timko’s EP “What I Wanted” is the soundtrack to this hypothetical setting. Sometimes talent hides and only pops out of the blue when it’s good and ready. This is an enjoyable mini-collection of songs. The folky campfire guitars and banjo are nice and work together in a unique way, but Timko’s voice really stands out and is really well complimented by the soft moody violin. The song “Resistence,” my favorite track on the CD, is the highpoint of the CD. The instrumentation which includes guitars, violin, and banjo, compared to the.. maybe a bit-too-busy string instrument battle in the opening track “beauty in black and white,” is very well mixed and truly surrounds Katianne’s voice in a warm blanket of sonic delight. “Resistence” is a great tune; it get’s in your head, loads itself into your aural memory jukebox and get’s stuck on repeat, which for me was a welcomed event.

What’s important to note about Katianne’s voice and vocal style, is that it is HER own voice. Many singers stear their voice towards this archetypal rock idol voice which usually produces a strained timbre that is less than desirable. I really enjoy the emotional quality of phrases like “you say..” … “no I’m not..no I’m not,” because it is pure and sincere. Her vocal style is refreshing and stylistic, combining a rapid Traci Chapman vibrato, and coffee-shop artist texture reminiscent of the voice of indie singer/songwriter Jewel. Timko’s lyrics are personal, sincere, and fit her melodies like a glove. If you like Katianne’s voice you should check out Jewel’s LP “Pieces of You,” and a new indie band Carolyn and the Goodnight Sleeps.”
Full interview at http://www.jimmyfro.com

Episode 115 - Jordan and Grant from STATION ONE MEDIA
August 07, 2017 02:12 PM PDT
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The guys from Station One Media talk about capturing and promoting live entertainment in NE Ohio. We get techy and we listen to song clips from SPIRIT OF THE BEAR, EAST 9th, TEENAGE BUBBLEGUMS, TOOTH LURES A FANG, KID RUNNER, VERSPERTEEN, AND THE JUSTIN WADE BAND.

More at http://www.jimmyfro.com

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